This is the Kiwi House, an 823 square-foot abode in Bozeman, Montana.  The home, owned by Stephen and Julie Shea, was designed by Comma-Q Architecture with the hearth — a soapstone fireplace from Finland-based Tulikivi – radiating warmth from open kitchen and living room area.  It’s constructed on an infill lot and covered in a combination of locally-sourced Montana stone and reclaimed redwood and metal.

The home is oriented to the sun and captures energy with a photovoltaic system.  To keep energy bills down, it also has “super-insulated construction,” according to Comma-Q.

Kiwi House is actually a living prototype for a second home that the owners want to build in their favorite destination, New Zealand, according to Montana Living.  For the time being, though, when the owners head to New Zealand, they’re content with putting energy back into the grid with power from their solar array.

[+] More about the Kiwi House from architects Comma-Q.

Credits: Lockie Photography (1-4); Design 5, LLC (5).