Several months ago, I shared photos of a tiny studio shed by Texas-based Sett Studio and want to share details of cool new project by the same firm in same area.  Sett Studio recently worked with The Goodlife Team, a local real estate company, and created these two studios that are now being used as extra space for the company’s expanding East Austin offices.

You may catch a glimpse of several naked Plumen CFLs hanging in these offices.  Mike Speciale of Sett Studio told me his company is using these on a regular basis now because the bulbs “add an artistic look without the bulk of a full light fixture.

The Goodlife Team studios — one is 12′ x 12′ (144 square feet) and the other is 12′ x 14′ (168 square feet) — were built with floor-to-ceiling Ply Gem windows and structural insulated panels for the walls, floor, and roof.  Sett Studios installed the tiny structures in about four days, as documented here.

The twins are joined by a white cedar deck and clad in a mixture of U-channel galvalume and yellow pine style siding with a shou-sugi-ban treatment.  It’s a great look, the combination of charred wood and textured metal, worth pinning if you have an exteriors board like mine on Pinterest.

Sett Studio fabricates their studios off-site within 45 days of contract signing and installs them in two days.  They have models of various sizes and prices, but to give you an idea, a couple studios like the ones purchased by The Goodlife Team will run about $55,000, including the deck.

[+] More information about Sett Studio structures from Austin.

Credits: Lisa Hause Photography.