We’ve mentioned solar-tracking but the systems are usually pictured on a pole in a big grassy yard.  This is a Dual-Panel Tracker by Maryland-based Advanced Technology & Research Corp. (ATR) on the roof of a row house in Federal Hill in Baltimore.  The install consists of two panels, 235-watts each, on a sun tracking mount with a GPS-controlled drive unit that follows the sun to yield about 30% more than fixed panels.

Nexus EnergyHomes, builder of NZE homes in Maryland, put the system on a homeowner’s house to get about a 20% reduction in the electrical bill.  Over time, the homeowner can add more and reach net-zero energy with roughly five DPTs.

Additionally, as it turns out, the homeowner is one of the engineers at ATR.  The company designed the home-unit DPT for easy installation on a pole or simple wooden post and this installation will be a good way to provide more documentation for the savings that can had with a roof-mounted solar tracker.

Credit: Nexus EnergyHomes.