This is a net-zero energy showhouse in the Belgravia neighborhood of Edmonton.  The home, built by Effect Home Builders, has been open on Sundays and displays the solar-powered approach to reducing the use of fossil fuels.  A massive rooftop solar array feeds energy into the grid and produces as much energy as will be needed on an annual basis.  In addition, the home has several other green aspects.

In order reduce energy losses, a Nascor wall system combines engineered Pink Wood with 12″ of CFC-free expanded polystyrene (R48).  Also, there’s a Plasti-Fab ICF foundation with EPS (R41).

In addition, the Belgravia Green Showhome has triple-pane All Weather Windows, an HRV, and an air-source heat pump.

The 1,540 square-foot home is all-electric and has what’s believed to be the second-largest, residential, solar-electric system in Edmonton (a 12 kW system with 58 modules).  The showhome is located at 11536 – 74 Avenue.

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Credits: Effect Home Builders.