Italy-based Benetti Stone Philosophy makes a beautiful mosaic surface called Ivory Dream, which is made from vegetable ivory.  In this case, the vegetable ivory — which was used to make buttons before plastic became popular — comes from the seed of an Amazon palm tree called Tagua.  The seed is hand-harvested without causing any damage and is then cut and supplied for use as a floor, covering, or other surface mosaic.

Ivory Dream is available “light” or “toasted” and can be backlit, too. It’s light as wood but hard as stone, according to Benetti.

The eco-friendly material is available in the United States through Opustone. In terms of pricing, you’ll have to check with Opustone, but I’m given a price range from Benetti that puts Ivory Dream at about 300 – 350 euros per square meter, which I calculated to be roughly $37 – $44 per square foot.

[+] Visit Benetti Stone Philosophy to see their products.

Credits: Benetti Stone Philosophy.