This is a new “origami”-like home assembled earlier this year in Healdsburg, California, home to the H2 Hotel. The green prefab was designed, built, and assembled by Blu Homes and is the first re-designed Breezehouse on the West Coast (a home first made famous by Michelle Kaufmann). This video includes an interview with the owners, Steve and Jo Cooper, who share their reasons for purchasing the prefab.

  • The design provided a lot of “light” and “nice flow”
  • They liked the “fast process” and ability “to move forward very rapidly”
  • The house is “very well priced” and has a “lot fewer headaches”
  • It can be “buttoned up enough before the rains come”

In fact, this is apparently the tenth Blu home in Sonoma wine country, according to text in the video. That’s quite impressive and good support for the new factory down the road in Vallejo. The Breezehouse starts at about $515,000.

[+] More about the Breezehouse from Blu Homes.