John Dwyer was involved in the design of the first LEED Platinum home in Minnesota — 5ive — and now aims to change the way homeowners purchase homes.  He recently unveiled INFILL, “the new prefab,” with a plan to provide complete delivery, high performance, and full adaptability from three basic prefab designs.

The homes will be “super insulated and durably finished for near zero utility and maintenance costs,” according to Dwyer’s new site for INFILL.

INFILL homes are priced from $198,000 for a 1,248 square-foot home, which is about $160 per square foot, including all hard and soft costs, design, engineering, and construction.

To keep prices reasonable, Dwyer will use integrated project delivery and contract structure based on IPD.  With IPD, the critical players come together early in the design process to facilitate sharing, solve potential problems, eliminate waste, and maximize value for the homeowner.

All of the INFILL designs are smaller than 2,500 square feet and available from less than $400,000.  As this new prefab endeavor takes off, I’ll make sure to keep you posted with more detail.

Credits: John Dwyer Architect.