Unearthed Paints, maker of non-toxic and VOC-free paint, just announced a new natural Hard Wax Oil finish for wood floors, cork floors, and stone in interior surfaces.  It’s non-toxic and contains zero VOCs and “provides a natural, breathable silky-matte finish,” according to a statement by Unearthed Paints.

Hard Wax Oil is made with natural oils, resins, and waxes — no water or solvents — including linseed oil, carnauba wax, tung oil, and colophonium glycerine ester, which is produced by pine tree sap. It’s a pure solid.

A 2.5 liter can of Hard Wax Oil covers about 420 square feet and is currently selling on Unearthed Paints’ website for $98.  It can be applied with a brush, roller, or floor machine (with a soft pad) and takes about 20-30 minutes to dry.

[+] More about natural zero-VOC Hard Wax Oil by Unearthed Paints.

Credits: Unearthed Paints.