UK-based Blue Forest makes inventive tree houses and recently introduced a new design concept called the eco-PERCH, which I think you’ll be interested in seeing.  The four-bed retreat can be delivered, assembled, and commissioned in about five days with things like photovoltaics, a composting toilet, and rainwater harvesting, etc.

Other elements of eco-PERCH include the use of sustainable construction materials, double-glazed windows, low-voltage LED lighting, a log-burning stove, and engineered wood flooring, according to Gizmag.

The exterior is a FSC-certified tongue and groove timber cladding which covers the home.  Eco-PERCH is about 20′ wide x 26′ long x 10′ tall, or something less than 520 square feet on the inside

Blue Forest doesn’t have a presence in the United States but would be willing to ship one of these to the right purchaser here in the States. Elsewise, eco-PERCH will be showcased in the UK this summer at a price of between ~£50,000 – £60,000 (i.e., ~$79,000 – $90,000).

[+] More about the eco-PERCH retreat concept by Blue Forest.

Credits: Blue Forest.