WaterSense Bath Rehab on HouseLogic

Today, part three in a water-wise bathroom project that I’m blogging is live on HouseLogic.  If you’re just catching up, I have an old 1958 bathroom that I’m remodeling while incorporating new WaterSense fixtures.  The whole process is shared and documented in partnership with HouseLogic; plus, with each article each week, HouseLogic is offering commenters a chance to win $100 (check their rules).

In part three, I talk about installing the toilet, vanity, sink, and lighting fixture, and I also share some tips for shopping online for new materials.  Needless to say, I had a rough patch of shopping and paid a little more for it in the end.  But the bathroom is coming along nicely.  Follow the entire series here:

[+] Article 1: Water-Wise Bathroom Redo on HouseLogic.
[+] Article 2: Water-Wise Bath with a Tight Footprint
[+] Article 3: Water-Wise Bath with Install Tips (new $100 contest)

Disclosure: this water-saving bath remodel has been paid for in part by HouseLogic; however, all opinions are my own and all products have been selected on my own.

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  • Paul Premson

    Hi Preston, I read your full article over at House Logic. You’ve come a long way from your old bathroom, wow!

    What’s next after the bathroom?

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Paul, thanks for the feedback and good question!  I’ve been brainstorming this.  I already swapped out the toilet and showerhead in the other bathroom with WaterSense stuff.  While doing this project, I’ve lacked the space and elbow room to work.  I have a garage with no or broken drywall and patchy, falling batt insulation.  I think I’ll clean that up and create a nook area for tools and future work.  At some point, the kitchen could use some attention, too, it’s just as old as the bathroom.  Then again, it’s all about having the time and the Benjamins!

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