Letting the sun’s rays reach your home’s interior rooms, or down to lower level, is a challenge on any project, and virtually impossible without cutting a large hole in your roof. But now, Solectric offers an electronic skylight that promises the next best thing — interior lighting that is powered by the sun and can be rendered at the same color temperature.

The Day-Light System connects a solar PV panel to one or two LED light fixtures. Because there is no sizable roof penetration or chase required to accommodate a light tunnel, the application can work well in many retrofit projects.

Lighting fixtures are available as recessed or surface mount and with some choice in diffuser style. And the lighting control is variable so in the early morning hours, the light level increases gradually. While at midday, the light is at its brightest.

Solectric also offers a couple add-on features to preserve homeowner control of their indoor environment. For example, SmartShine allows a homeowner to boost their electronic skylight’s output on cloudy days by supplementing it with power from the home.

For those times when you want to darken the rooms, a switch can turn off the connection between the panel and the fixtures. And different fixtures can produce daylight white (6000 K) or warm white (3300 K) to approximate incandescent light (~2700 K), according to the owner’s preference.

The Day-Light System costs about $300 for each panel-fixture combination. Solectric also offers a solar-powered fan, strip lighting, and LED lighting packages for storage sheds or off-grid homes.

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Credits: Solectric.