Rubble Floor: Materials You Can Reuse

I’m fascinated by the work of Netherlands-based Dave Hakkens in a recent project called “Rubble Floor.”  Interested in reusing old building materials as new building materials — and inspired by terrazzo floors — Hakkens conducted several tests on materials such as roof tiles, bricks, nails and screws, and glass.  He used concrete as the binder and crushed old materials into pigments and fillers.  In the end, Hakkens found it’s entirely possible to make new materials with the old.

[+] More about Rubble Floor by Dave Hakkens.

Credits: Dave Hakkens.

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  • Marcus Taylor

    Thats an interesting material. I am surprised brick and similar products would ever be tough enough for this application? Well done

  • simplystephen

    Looks like it could make excellent counter tops, garden stones and even driveway material. How much time, energy and resources were used to generate the material? Large footprint or small. I love it and will consider for a future project.

  • Anonymous

    The best part is playing with the materials. No two final products are going to look exactly the same, so it can definitely add some flair to the project. I agree with simplystephen that it would be a very cool looking counter top. 

  • Gary

    Great project… if your time is worth zero.

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