Since its launch, Boulder-based Studio Shed has shown impressive growth.  The company recently announced the launch of Studio Shed Lifestyle, Small Kits, and Garage+ — which means Studio Shed offers anything from a compact storage structure to a fully-finished 600+ square-foot studio.  And with a solar-powered factory, the company is in a great position to help homeowners create eco-friendly space when and to the extent needed.

Studio Shed builds these structures with 2×4 wall construction (or 2×6 for larger structures), FSC-certified lumber, recycled denim insulation, recycled aluminum window framing, the ZipWall System for sheathing, and FSC-certified Collins TruWood siding.

Some small kits can be assembled DIY, while others are sold turnkey and installed by a professional team.  Studio Shed offers a Permit Services option, and, depending on the model size, a shed can be assembled on-site in anywhere from one to four days.  The total process from final design approval to installation takes about three to five weeks.

Prices start at ~$6,100, but for detailed cost information, review Studio Shed’s price list here.

[+] More about Studio Shed tiny building structures.

Credits: Studio Shed.