Louisiana-based Aquaponic Modular Production Systems, an urban agriculture development company, just announced the debut of a project — the first aeroponic farm in New Orleans.  The Tower Garden is hosted by Hollygrove Farm and Market to showcase an innovative, fast, and eco-friendly way to grow fresh produce for the community.

The design is a closed-loop system that uses nutrient-enriched water, not soil, to grow food.  The recirculating farm has no water runoff and is expected to yield upwards of 40 pounds of greens per week, according to a statement by AMPS.

AMPS says The Tower Garden can “efficiently capture and repurpose waste, recycle water to reduce consumption, and grow food virtually anywhere – indoors or outside and in oddly shaped spaces.“  It’s made with food-safe plastic suitable for outdoor use and allows 44 plants to grow in five square feet.

[+] More about Aquaponic Modular Production Systems.

Credits: AMPS.