Reclaimed Art with Old Doors and Lath

Reader Randall Otulakowski walks around town in Toronto scavenging for gems thrown away by others in the community.  He then takes that stuff to his 747 square-foot home and forms it into furniture and art — like the lath pieces here.  Randall told me in an email he’s been getting good feedback on his reclaimed art made with hollow core doors and a lath patchwork.  I think the feedback is right on; these are rich and full of statement.

If you like what Randall’s making, check out 747 Square Feet.

Credits: Randall Otulakowski.

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  • mothermary

    Here is a man who is really living the green experience. 747 square feet. Compare that to the new american behemoth also featured this week. 

    • Randall

      Thanks for your comment mothermary, I love what I’m doing!

      • Habitat Wellington

        Randall, do you ever buy your items at the ReStore? We are happy to provide sustainable solutions to retail in our neighbourhoods, diverting reusable goods from landfills. The correlation is obvious. Great work! Also, locally in Guelph we have a contest (ReStore it!) dedicated to rewarding creative individuals like yourself!

        • Monica Otulakowski

          Absolutely. You’re one of my go-to sources. I’ll check out the contest. Thanks for taking the time to comment here to let me know.  

        • Randall Otulakowski

          Sigh… that’s what happens when I don’t log out when using my wife’s computer :). I 

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