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I was happy to read all the comments and suggestions to my first article on HouseLogic, where I’m documenting a water-wise bathroom remodel.  So you know, my next installment is live today and, as with the first article, HouseLogic is offering a chance to win another $100 with this second article.  I hope you enjoy me sharing some of the process of this remodel — it’s been fun!

I just want to take a second to provide a little more detail in response to observations from kind readers.

For example, some have suggested that I take this down to the studs.  The main reason I decided not to do that is because I’d like to do a full home remodel in about ten years or later based on budget.  At that time, I expect to rearrange the floorplan and create a master suite using this room.  Right now, we don’t really have a master bath — this bathroom serves all three rooms from the hallway.

Others recommended that we install a greywater system or use a pedestal vanity.  The budget is keeping this thing in check but a greywater system would be on the agenda for the future.  As for a pedestal vanity, I opted against that merely because we need someplace for storage and I didn’t want a medicine cabinet.  I think readers will like the vanity that I found.

Lastly, I’ve read some say a bathroom remodel like this could be done for under $1,000.  I’ll talk about this in future installments at HouseLogic but this project isn’t a $1,000-level remodel.  The professional tub and tile refinish alone cost about $900 and that’s with a discount for having my other tub resurfaced at the same time.  Frankly, the cost of the toilet, fixtures, mirror, vanity, sink, shelves, paint, and other miscellanea just adds up.  Catch more detail here:

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[+] Article 3: Water-Wise Bath with Install Tips (new $100 contest)

Disclosure: this water-saving bath remodel has been paid for in part by HouseLogic; however, all opinions are my own and all products have been selected on my own.

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  • Scott Bucc

    Your tub looks exactly like mine. Must be a SLC thing for homes built in the 50s. I’ll be interested to know how the refinish holds up since mine could use it as well. Thanks for the great post!

    • Preston

      Yep, mine’s a 1958.  Using another tub that’s been refinished just the same and it’s held up well.  Comes with a five-year warranty for workmanship, peeling, or other failure of adhesion of the new coating. 

  • lisa darling

    Thank you Jetson Green for all your great articles (including this one on your bathroom reno.)  I first became addicted to your blog from my research on the state of the prefab as i was looking to build one on a lot near my current home.  for now, our old, colorful (in a bad way) bathrooms in our 1953 ranch style home in illinois need miracle method refinishing, for sure.  thanks for mentioning the brand name, i was trying to figure out a better method than simply pouring money into re-tiling, when i might sell anyway.  thanks again, keep up the great blog.  

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