Sustainable American Cities [Giveaway]

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In the next two articles, I want to share a couple books that I think you may find interesting. The first is Sustainability in America’s Cities: Creating the Green Metropolis, which is edited by Matthew I. Slavin. The book, published in April 2011, was sent to us by Island Press and includes a collection of case studies from cities across the country and first-hand insight into key sustainable strategies.

This is the “first book to provide empircally based, multi-disciplinary case studies of sustainability policy, planning, and practice in action,” according to a statement by Island Press.

The case studies include (1) green transportation in San Francisco, (2) green-tech energy in Honolulu, (3) sustainable stormwater solutions in Philadelphia, (4) a regional green economy in Phoenix, (5) brownfields to greenfields in Milwaukee, (6) urban forestry and carbon offsets New York City and greening the food supply in New York, (7) strategic climate planning in Portland, Oregon, and (8) LEED green building in Washington, D.C.

The resource is geared toward everyone that deals with sustainability initiatives, including policy makers, non-profit practitioners, and consultants. If you’re interested in learning more about how cities can solve the conflicts between urban development, increasing populations, and the environment, check out Sustainability in America’s Cities.

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  • Hannah Whitehouse

    It will be interesting to read different approaches to these issues and how each city handles it, differences and commonalities. Seems like a monstrous task for a large metropolis to make change like this, exciting that policies are coming into place and the status quo is being challenged.

  • Courtney

    Unusual to do case studies over such disparate topics in a single volume. Nonetheless, looks interesting!

  • Jen

    Looks interesting.. I hope htere are good case studies that other cities can use to approach projects in a sustainable way.

  • Clean USA

    Case studies like these will help not only large cities, but foster a foundation for small cities as well. Sustainability is not an option anymore. The days of “Big” living, wasteful habits and energy hogs must be address to all generations. Coincidently, I lived or currently live in three cities studied in the book mentioned. 

  • Brad

    Sounds like a good variety of solutions that need to be replicated all over the US.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gunna build a city if i get this book.

  • Peggy

    This seems like an interesting way to explore different sustainability initiatives…by focussing on how each initiative is handled in a particular city.

  • Vernon Hampton Jr

    I would also like to see their case studies and approach to this type of urban renewal from a green perspective. I would also like to know how some of these methods can be applied on the smaller level.

  • Bayoan Ware

    I’m glad they have Milwaukee, a true rustbelt city, on there. I wish Chicago would have been in it as well. I guess Rahm came a little too late. 

  • Esduren826

    Seems interesting…I want it

  • Jeff Remtema

    That is a pretty broad range of climates and geographies.  Should be interesting

  • Zachary Geary

    Come on baby, Wizard needs a new book…

  • Justin Larson

    i would love a copy!

  • Barb K.

    Looks like a good book.  Also some great solutions.  The books seems to cover a wide range of topics.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like another good book.  Hope to win.

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