Now this is an interesting story as it relates to the prefab construction in the USA.  Blu Homes just announced that the company sold and is currently manufacturing its first home personalized entirely online in 3-D by the purchaser.  Cathy and Walter Pearlman fired up the Blu | 3-D Configurator, settled on the Element Series, personalized it, and then sent their custom design to Blu for purchase.  Blu confirmed the selections, made one change to the bathroom tile, and then the sent the 3-D plans to the factory.

The Pearlmans used the Configurator, which was launched in October 2011, to sift through all sorts of options including the siding, appliances, fixtures, and finishes.  The online tool helped with customization but it also gave the purchasers a price for their customized Element, which starts at $160,000.

With the 3-D Configurator, “the customer gets a beautiful, convenient shopping experience, while Blu gets the benefit of automatically processing customer purchase requests,” said Maura McCarthy, co-founder and VP of sales and marketing.

All of the information from the purchaser seamlessly translates into the plans used to fabricate the homes.  Additionally, Blu built engineering information into the program to account for wind, snow, and seismic details, which, again, automatically end up in the construction plans.

With details like this built into each and every customization, Blu cuts out what could be a cumbersome process between the home designer and client.  And one of desired benefits of prefab construction — affordability — starts to look a lot more attainable.  To date, Blu Homes has saved more than 6,000 home designs for users.

[+] Test the Blu Homes 3-D Configurator.

Credits: Blu Homes.