Induction cooktops are expensive but they’re also fast and efficient — a report for the Department of Energy says induction has a cooking efficiency of 84%. So when a company combines the efficiency of induction cooking with new cutting-edge technology, as shown by Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop, there’s going to be some interest.

Freedom is one of the most talked about innovations at CES this week. It has a 6.5″ full-color touchscreen and 48 individual 3″ induction heating elements. The result is a limitless cooking surface.

With the Freedom Induction Cooktop, a cook can place cookware anywhere on the surface and the cooktop responds. This thing doesn’t have the typical predefined heating elements, providing a 63% more effective cooking area.

The new product will be available in July 2012 with an MSRP of $4,949. Visit Thermador for more information about the new Freedom Induction.

Credits: Thermador.