Five Green Home Trends for 2012

There’s something about the beginning of a year that makes the fortune tellers come out in droves.  But I guess it’s fun to ponder and pontificate about the future — to string data together to predict what will happen in the next 365 days.  Buildipedia took a shot at identifying green home trends for 2012, and here are the five that they list:

#1: Renovation Nation – with home construction still on the decline, it makes sense to renovate what you already have.

#2: Smaller Footprints – if building new, less square footage translates into materials and labor savings, not to mention cost savings based on heating and cooling a smaller space.

#3: Net Zero – not just generating as much energy in a year as is consumed but net-zero water could become a topic of conversation next year with droughts.

#4: Energy Monitoring Systems – with prices going down, it could be a good time to examine real-time energy data on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

#5: Residential LEDs – technology has come a long way with better pricing, more output, and warmer light colors.

We’ll share a few other perspectives, but what do you think we’ll see in 2012?

  • Bill C.

    Thanks for the tips! They were quick and helpful. I enjoyed them very much.

  • Rudy Leard

    Well, it would be great to have these energy monitoring systems in every home. With this, every homeowner can track their real-time energy consumption, allowing them to effectively control their consumption to save energy and money as well.

  • Amoyer_01

    A site that completely bans or just flat out doesn’t post opposing views.  Hurray…we are so accepting of other peoples views.  Great job.  I keep coming back here hoping to see inovative items talked about instead it is the same stuff from the previous year.  Especially in this article.

    • Preston

      Jetson Green didn’t create this list, we’re just pointing out what another building site views as trends. If you don’t like it or agree, fine tell us why. You’re welcome to comment per our policy. But if by innovative you’re looking for a prediction of the future or a rendering that never approaches reality, plenty of sites will try that with varied success. We’re based in real world successes.

  • Omni Chaparala

    Good post. The importance of energy has to be stressed. We are all consuming a lot and that costs money. If we monitor our energy consumption, it will help you understand what we can cut and how to reduce our consumption which translates into savings.

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