Allure Intros EverSense Thermostat System

Allure Energy recently announced its new EverSense product line and officially unveiled the home environment and energy management system today at CES 2012.  EverSense is foremost a thermostat replacement with built-in speakers, Wi-FI, and a capacitive touch screen.  It’s also a platform to share energy-saving tips and content with homeowners.

Slated for availability in the second quarter of 2012, according to Engadget, the home thermostat will cost something like $349.

EverSense will be compatible with select iPhone, Android, and iPhone devices.  One feature that syncs with the mobile component is Proximity Control — the system turns on and off based on your proximity to home, saving energy while away.

Allure claims this is the “world’s only fully automated home comfort system.”  Similar to the Nest thermostat, EverSense adapts to the homeowner, eliminating the need to constantly update and program the thermostat.

[+] More about EverSense at Allure Energy.

Credit: Allure Energy.

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  • Dbull

    This is very cool! And maybe the place to try to start a discussion on energy management and smart grid. My biggest concern is cooling. If it was centrally monitored no problem. You could have a central system controlling load. But if you do it only by price then how do you sequence the A/C units. If you don’t do this it’s like having too much set back which means you spend more energy because of the thermal mass of the house. Any takers on this one?

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