I’ve seen the tiny house thrive in 2011 like none other.  People behind these structures — whether a tiny home, shed, backyard office, ADU, or off-season retreat — seem to have a little Thoreau inside.  Nonetheless, please keep this in mind: only about 5% of the population would ever dream to live in a tiny house.  Is this for you?  Here’s a little round up of the built projects that we covered in 2011, in no particular order.  Click the text below for more and use your tabs for hours of reading.

QB1 is an Energy Positive Tiny House

Cedar-Slat Tiny Sunset Cabin on the Lake

Solar-Powered Sunset Idea House 2011

Net-Zero Energy Tiny House in Berkeley

Backyard Work Studio for a Graphics Artist

The Crib is a Tiny Enviresponsible Shelter

Tiny Harbinger House in North Carolina

Tiny Tubular Hotel Built in Three Months

Super-Efficient ADU Complete in Portland

Sett is a Tiny, Green, Modular Home Studio

Prefab ADU Think Tank Built in Savannah

Pure Salvage Tiny House for Texas Living

Popomo is a Simple, Mobile, Modern Tiny House

Tiny Green Faberhaus Opens in Quebec

Earth-Friendly Garden Studio with a View

Credits: click the text links above for more information.