SMPLy Mod is a Practical Green Prefab

This is the first prefab by Canada-based SMPLy Mod.  The Model 984 was built on an engineered concrete pier foundation and has 984 square feet, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.  The siding is a blend of corrugated steel and concrete board, while the inside is flush with bamboo floors and Kohler and Moen fixtures.  The construct features a 2×10 R38 floor system, 2×6 R22 walls, and an 18″ r50 parallel chord truss roof — all built for a little less than $135,000.  SMPLy Mod is available in the US and Canada.

[+] More info about SMPLy Mod Prefab Homes from Canada.

Credits: SMPLy Mod; noticed at Inhabitat.

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  • Anonymous

    As much as I want to commend anyone for attempting affordable housing design, I cannot give this one the seal of approval. The spatial arrangement of the interior doesn’t reflect the natural flow of human activity. I suspect the designers were held back by a number of factors, not necessarily to do with cost. A narrow, rectangular, two-level footprint restricts some of your choices, so you need to make up for it with a largesse of imagination that is wholly lacking here. I notice a double door that takes advantage of the space under the stairs, but if open would intrude to nearly a third of the middle space which is more of a wide hall than a dining space. If this the price to be paid for green prefab, good luck with sales.

  • Marci357

    At $137/sq ft, this does not come into economical at all… That is twice the rate per sq ft that a home could be built for.   I live in 864 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, single story – and my home seems much more roomier than that plan.   Nice floors, tho :) 

  • Boggiemonster

    That’s so affordable you could buy two!! ** sarcasm.. 

  • Joel Tanner

    Hi All, Joel Tanner here from SMPLy Mod Prefab Homes.

    We definitely had a number of restrictions to work through on this particular lot and we’re proud of the outcome.

    At 135$ per square foot including everything from services and foundation to appliances and flooring, that is roughly a 15-20% savings over conventional construction in British Columbia. We realize there are some areas throughout Canada and the United Stated where construction is less expensive, but for areas like Nelson, BC we feel this is a great option.

    Thanks for all the feedback!

  • Caroleor

    I love it, but with there were pictures of the upstairs.

    I have to say, the bathroom in this house appears far larger than the one I have in my 1973 ranch. I wish I had that one. lol

  • Cdtrouble3

    I love it .I had a house fire and lost everything no renters insurance. I work in construction local 1000 in new York , so income is seasonal. I have been looking into  
    tiny houses for myself kids grown . Thank You for your Ideas. 

  • Califgirl_007

    I don’t see any pictures of the upstairs…. but from what i see, it looks very nice! :)

  • Bill Cunningham

    I have to say I like everything about the look of the house except for its bathroom.  Everything else has a modern, industrial vibe and the bathroom looks like something you could get in any contemporary home using off-the-shelf components.  I think you could have gone for a cleaner look that would have been less expensive.  As it is – the bathroom is disconnected from the rest of the house IMO. 

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