Today my alma mater Southern Methodist University celebrates a new master’s degree program in sustainability and development.  The degree covers sustainability-related topics from policy to design in both developed and developing worlds.  SMU will kick off the endeavor mid-day Friday with London sustainability strategist Peter Bishop and the unveiling of a low-cost Pallet House prototype designed by I-Beam Design.

The Pallet House recently made an appearance in an exhibit in Prince Charles’ Royal Gardens as a statement that “84% of the world’s refugees could be housed with a year’s supply of recycled American pallets,” according to an SMU press article.

The project* was built using 100 recycled pallets placed by 4-5 workers with hand tools.  The 250-square foot prototype home takes no more than a week to raise and can be used as a transitional shelter or as an alternative to something like a tent.

[+] More about the Pallet House prototype at I-Beam Design.

*I’ll update the article with SMU pictures when obtained.

Credits: I-Beam Design.