SUNY’s Centennial Hall, a student dorm completed this summer, has earned LEED Gold certification, according to gbNYC, making it one of the largest modular construction projects in the state of New York.  It’s not the only modular student building — The Modules is but another modular project on my mind — though The Centennial showcases what’s good about off-site construction with a total of about 184 wood modules.

The Centennial was designed by WTW Architects and HKK & Associates and built by Hueber Breuer.  On their website, HB said the modular construction method enabled a shorter build schedule, increased worker productivity, reduced site costs, reduced construction utility costs, minimal site disturbance, reduced material waste, increased quality, and better soundproofing.

Students moved into The Centennial upon opening in August 2011.  The 454-bed building houses 280 freshman and 174 upperclassmen.

The Centennial has indoor bike storage and EV charging stations for resident convenience.  The design also facilitates energy and water savings through rain gardens, native-plant landscaping, windows placed to take advantage of natural lighting, high-efficiency mechanical systems, and the like.  It was built for $31.4 million.

[+] More information about Centennial Hall at SUNY College.

Credits: Hueber-Breuer, Centennial Hall.