Cargo Container Home Office from $1800

For your Friday viewing, check out what California architects Karl Wanaselja and Cate Leger used to make a backyard office.  They split a 40-foot, refrigerated shipping container and placed the two parts in a T shape with a crane.  Then they cut windows into the ends and covered the floor with soy-based, formaldehyde-free Purebond.  And the container only set them back $1800.

[+] Architects’ Backyard Office by *faircompanies.

  • Roverguy101

    Yes finally someone is getting it right. 

  • Foodwiz

    Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed your sharing of this information. I happen to live in a triple wide mobile home. All wood and not well insulated. I thought about building an earth home, geodesic or monolithic. I will check out fair companies dot com. Thanks.

  • Rob Grant

    he mentioned working with the metal, does that include welding? or just cutting and riveting other metal ontop of opening he may have created?

    at $1800 for an insulated unit, that’s an incredibly good investment!

  • Michael Self

    I like the look of the non-refrigerated containers better because I intended to not put any extra siding to cover them when I build my house. But if $1800 include insulation, I may have to reconsider and spend a little money on finishing the exterior in a more attractive way.

    Theirs is a little, um … bohemian looking, which is fine I supposed. Glad they shared this.

  • Hammou DarkAngelus

    i`d live in one of those , looks so awesome an fits my needs

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