Turns out the new Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) R30 light bulb by Vu1 Corporation, which we first mentioned in January 2011, will be available at Lowes.com in December 2011 and in Lowe’s stores nationwide in February 2012, according to a company statement.  The flood light is expected to retail for $14.98.

The ESL R30 replaces the common 65-watt incandescent flood bulb.  It’s mercury free, unlike certain CFLs, and fully dimmable.  It shines at 600 lumens, uses 19.5 watts, has a color of 2800 K, and has a CRI of greater than 85.  The ESL turns on instantly, according to Vu1, and lasts about 11,000 hours.

The more common A-type bulb received UL certification, according to a press release issued in August 2011, and will be about 70% more efficient than the standard incandescent.  No word yet when this light bulb will be available.

The bulbs will be made by China-based Huayi Lighting Company Limited, which has an exclusive contract with Vu1 to produce about 250 million units starting on January 1, 2012, according to information on Vu1’s website.  If these numbers pan out, consumers will benefit from some incredible competition and innovation in the world of lighting.

[+] More specs on the Vu1 ESL R30 light bulb.

Credit: Vu1 Corporation.