TreeHouse Home Improvement in Austin

This month, to provide a new and smarter approach to the home improvement store experience, TreeHouse opened its first retail location in Austin, Texas. The company will offer an assortment of curated materials and products, such as paints, floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cleaning supplies, storage and organization options, and solar power products, as well as services for flooring, countertop, door and window, smart home system, and solar installations.

One interesting thing about TreeHouse is the notion that the store will act as a gatekeeper of sorts. Every product sold at TreeHouse undergoes a selection and screening process with scoring in the categories of health, performance, corporate responsibility and sustainability, according to a company statement.

This scoring plays into the company’s aim to educate and mission to help people find solutions that allow them to live healthier, more efficient, and sustainable lives.

The first TreeHouse location, a 25,000 square-foot building remodeled with LEED certification, is located in the Westgate Shopping Center at 4477 Sout Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas.

[+] Visit the TreeHouse website for more information.

Credits: TreeHouse.

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  • Rodney Orton

    Home remodeling can be a great learning experience. But you need to have men to help you out and do the roof-to-floor pattern.

  • Mike Chiconsky

    An outstanding store with an enormous variety of products and, even more importantly, an extremely talented staff. Their Project advisory staff has been incredibly helpful to us in selecting items for the home we’re building.

    • Preston

      Mike, I hope you’ll come back and share your home with the editors to share on when you’re done.

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