Toshiba Unveils Traditional Looking LED

Toshiba recently announced a new A19 LED lamp that is shaped more like an incandescent than some of the other LED bulbs we’ve seen so far, excluding perhaps Panasonic’s LED with a filament appearance.  The new bulb is dimmable, available in 2700K and 4000K colors, outputs 450 lumens, and contains no lead or mercury.  The 40-watt replacement uses 8.4 watts and reaches full brightness instantly.

The new light bulb is undergoing Energy Star testing at this time and will be manufactured to maintain that designation.  I asked a press person for potential pricing and purchase location information and have not received anything so far.

Comparatively speaking, the new LED bulb is expected to last about 40% longer and use about 75% less energy than an incandescent.  This, I would believe, gives the bulb a good chance of being used in place of the energy-hogging alternative.

[+] More about this Toshiba A19 LED light bulb.

Credit: Toshiba. 

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  • DBull

    Looks like it is only $20. Not bad. I wonder what the bottom of the pricing will be on something like this. I may have to buy some from my mom. The CFL’s give her headaches.

    • DBull

      Oops. There was an ad next to this for a very similar Maxxima bulb for $20. Not sure what this costs.

  • Peter Nott

    This new LED bulb is such an energy saver considering that it uses about 75% less energy than an incandescent. Thanks for the tip!

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