Alley House 2 Prefab Drops in Seattle

Here’s a quick update on the status of Alley House 2, which we discussed in August this year. Developed by Cascade Built, the modular prefab home was designed by David Foster Architects and assembled by Method Homes with an aim for LEED Platinum certification. The modules dropped this month, and the home should be ready for occupancy in about January 2012.

Alley House 2 is a 1,687 square-foot home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a one-car garage located in Madison Valley.

The green home features advanced framing, ample natural light, solar hot water, hydronic in-floor heat, on-demand hot water, zero- and low-VOC finishes, strand bamboo flooring, rainscreen siding, pervious paving, drought-tolerant plantings, and a roof ready for vegetation and solar PV.

If you’re in the market, Alley House 2 is still available for purchase at an asking price of $599,000, according to a listing with Infiniti Real Estate Development.

[+] Follow the construction progress on Cascade Built’s blog.

Credits: Cascade Built.

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  • MrSteve007

    A cool
    house – for sure, but again, $355 a sq.ft. for a pre-fab!?!

    You can
    buy waterfront homes, with acreage, on Vashon Island these days for $170 a
    sq.ft. and not live on a postage stamp alleyway.

  • Bill Randall

    Our LEED Platinum home in Eugene, Oregon, theSAGE, is still for sale at just $399,000. :)

  • guest

    Looks like they’re going to have a width issue at the basement stairs.

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