This is the Live Work Home, one of the winning proposals (with the R-House) in the From the Ground Up Competition in Syracuse, New York, designed by Cook+Fox Architects.  The home was awarded LEED Platinum certification earlier this month, a fitting one-year anniversary since the homeowners John and Kathy Miranda moved into the home in November 2010.  Here’s more about this beautiful, durable home with an inventive design.

One of the more obvious features of Live Work Home is the perforated screen that wraps the western and northern facade.  It’s made with a medium density overlay — plywood with a weather-resistant resin layer — that’s painted white on the underside.

From the interior, rays of the sun that pass through the screen mimic “dappled light filtering through a tree canopy,” according to Cook+Fox.

A garage-type front door creates a front porch that folds down if need be.  Beyond that, Live Work Home has a long, narrow, single-level floor plan that facilitates aging in place, as well as a lifetime of waste-free remodeling.  There are no columns and the heating element is buried in radiant flooring.  The Mirandas can rearrange sliding doors and mobile partitions to accommodate life as it happens.

In fact, the Mirandas moved into the home with plans to both live and work within the available 1,400 square feet.  Live Work Home doubles as the owners’ environmental consulting business.

There was an old home on the property that was deconstructed piece by piece.  It turns out, old growth pine and hemlock were reclaimed and put to new use in the form of flooring and cabinets.

Other materials were selected to protect the indoor environmental quality. A heat recovery ventilator circulates fresh air throughout the home.

The SIPs envelope saves energy and perhaps a little construction waste at the outset with members cut to size.  Also inside, Live Work Home has casework modules that can be added, subtracted, or reconfigured to suit the owners needs, such as through combined beds, desks, or additional storage.

The LEED Platinum project was built for about $250,000.  Team members include Cook+Fox Architects, Home HeadQuarters Inc. (builder), Terrapin Bright Green, LLC (environmental consultant), Northeast Green Building Consulting, LLC, Severud Associates (structural engineer), ARUP (MEP engineer – competition), Jaros, Baum & Bolles (MEP engineer – project), and Terrain NYC (landscape architecture).

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Credits: Cook+Fox Architects.