You’re shutting off water, raking leaves, and probably don’t have the slightest concern for irrigation control. But, keep in mind for Spring 2012, the EPA recently announced that irrigation controllers will be the first outdoor product eligible for the WaterSense label. To date, WaterSense has been available for showerheads, toilets, urinals, sink faucets, and entire homes.

Sheila Frace, Director of EPA’s Office of Water’s Municipal Support Division, said, “WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers are designed to do the thinking for you and apply water only when needed, to ensure a healthy landscape that doesn’t waste water,” according to an EPA statement.

WaterSense irrigation controls will use local weather and landscape conditions to customize watering schedules to the conditions of the site without overwatering. The most efficient controllers, according to the EPA, could help homeowners and building owners save in aggregate more than 110 billion gallons of water and $410 million per year in utility bills.

The EPA indicates that controllers with the WaterSense label could be available in spring 2012, though they’d have to be independently certified to meet EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and performance.

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