Seven Green Surface Options [Dwell]

I’m catching up on some reading and noticed a great article in the October issue of Dwell by @DianaBudds.  In “Counter Arguments,” Dwell shares its findings from putting seven eco-friendly surfaces to test with stains, spills, cleaver chops, and falling objects.  We’ve mentioned most of these surfaces previously, but some of Dwell‘s findings are summarized below in case you’re thinking about an upgrade or purchase.

1.  IceStone – Cradle to Cradle, recycled content, porous, requires frequent sealing.  $49-64 per square foot.

2.  Eco by Cosentino – Cradle to Cradle, recycled content, non-porous, low maintenance.  $68-$118 per square foot.

3.  Caesarstone Recycled – GreenGuard, non-porous, lifetime warranty.  $12-18 per square foot.

4.  Teragren Bamboo – susceptible to stains, could be damaged with cutlery.  $20-$25 per square foot.

5.  PaperStone – recycled content, easy to install, but should keep bleach away.  $24 per square foot.

6.  Bio-Glass – recycled content, made with trash, hard to blemish. $100 per square foot.

7.  Squak Mountain Stone – recycled content, rough around edges, fragile.  $32 per square foot.

[+] More about each of these seven countertops by Dwell.

Credit: Caesarstone Recycled Collection. 

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  • Jeremiah

    Seems Caesarstone takes the cake on this one, eh? Great post.

    • Kathy Nokes

      I’ve been doing some online reading, it seems the price for the Ceasarstone may not be correct

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