Biering in Southtown Greenbound [Video]

Southtown Greenbound is a new, short documentary of an award-winning prototype development — the Biering Project — that’s both affordable and sustainable in San Antonio, Texas. Biering includes two, 1,500 square-foot homes wrapped in a diaphanous aluminum screen that reduces solar heat gain, fosters privacy during the day, and illuminates during the night. The screen truly distinguishes the homes.

Biering Project received LEED-H Silver and has grey water irrigation system, tankless hot water heaters, low-e windows, European-style kitchens, Energy Star appliances, and private garden spaces.

The homes were developed by architect Hilary Scruggs, who designed, developed, and built them homes herself. She’s featured prominently in Southtown Greenbound, sharing background on the twin rental properties.

Both homes leased quickly so Scruggs is moving on to a 1,300 square-foot speculative home and a five-unit rental, according to Residential Architect.

[+] Watch other videos about the Biering Project.

Credits: Geoff Sheerar and Operative Ventures.

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  • Larry

    Hello Preston, I believe that it is spelled Biering rather than Beiring. 

    • Preston

      Geez, thanks for noticing.  Can’t believe I did that!

  • Anymouse

    Built them homes herself did she?  Really neat facade material

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