Small Wind Turbine Available at Lowe’s

As the small wind industry grows, it’s becoming easier to buy certain models of turbines online and from big-box retailers.  For example, Southwest Windpower offers the Skystream 3.7 through Home Depot and now offers the Whisper 100 through Lowe’s.  Whisper 100 can produce up to 100 kWh a month in moderate to high winds, according to Southwest Windpower.

The 900-watt generator has carbon fiber blades and a rotor diameter of seven feet. The turbine weighs 47 pounds, cuts in at 7.5 mph, and produces 100 kWh/per month in 12 mph winds.  Whisper 100, like other models in the Whisper line, is suitable for powering things like batteries, remote homes, and water pumps.

The price of Whisper 100 varies by location and installation cost; however, I found it listed on for about $2,600.  Plus, purchasers may be able to take advantage of local, state, and federal incentives, including the 30% federal tax credit.

[+] More about Whisper 100 from Southwest Windpower.

Credits: Southwest Windpower. 

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  • jw

     i think you need at least an acre here In new york, to have 1

  • Kim Scarlett

    Bummer. Here you get the boot from HOA. I’m sick of this. If I have a dish, I can have a wind turbine.

    • DanBrown2000-seo

      That is the issue, we have lots of talk, but it is still not socially endorsed.   The HOA should be requiring a minumum amount of renewable energy production from each home instead of making it harder for people.

  • Green GreenJoyment

    It’s nice seeing green technology becoming more and more accessible. Hopefully we’ll soon see solar panels and wind turbines on every rooftop. 

    Juan Miguel Ruiz (Going Green)

  • Jeremiah

    What I want to see is the COST of these things come down. WAAAAAAAY DOWN! $2600 for 100kwh/month if YOU’RE LUCKY. 100kwh/mo where I live costs about $11. Which means, my payback period would be about 236 months, or 19 years…..Not exactly cost effective yet.

  • ph0rque

    13-year payback according to… Hoping for <5 soon.

  • Johngmcgehee

    Wind turbines are great, and green, but will the children startle if they come across a butchered bird carcass?

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