Nearly 93,000 voted and it’s official: Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina took The People’s Choice Award at the Solar Decathlon 2011.  The award is high praise for a great team and incredibly thoughtful Solar Homestead entry.  Now that the competition is over, the home will packed and shipped back to Boone where it will be used on campus.

Appalachian State finished twelfth overall but was third in the Architecture, second in Communications, tied for first in Hot Water, and tied for third in Home Entertainment.

During public tours, the team handed out reflective hats filled with information — an interesting way to connect with visitors.  And I bet the bearded David Lee and similarly bearded team members also had something to do with the wild success of Appalachian State.  I found Lee’s tour to be much more engaging and interesting than a number of the other teams.

Solar Homestead is quite the project, and I look forward to sharing more detail in the next month.  It has a 60-foot great deck, outdoor kitchenette, a fabulous bifacial solar canopy, a concentrating solar skylight, several outbuilding modules (OMs), a Bark House shingle-covered Flex-OM office, and translucent polycarbonate walls in the bedrooms.

[+] More info about the Solar Decathlon in Washington D.C.

Credit: Jim Tetro/U.S. DOE.