One of the most innovative products found on the Greenbuild Expo floor was the Reveeco EcoVéa recycling shower. This might be a hard sell for some but the concept is brilliant, allowing you to enjoy long showers without guilt. Possibly the world’s most intelligent shower, EcoVéa recycles water within your shower to push the limits of water conservation. For a ten minute shower, the EcoVéa can save up to 66% above your fixture efficiency savings.

EcoVéa consists of a 36″ x 36″ shower base which comes in a variety of finishes to integrate into your design and fixture package. While showering, the EcoVéa cell analyzes whether water is dirty and should be discarded or water is clean and can be reused. If reused, it is treated through a filter and antibacterial treatment, mixed with a small quantity of new hot water to maintain a consistent temperature, and sent back to the shower head.

Tie the EcoVéa system with your shower head and then the shower is controlled through an electronic control pad that regulates temperature. After each shower, the system will activate a cleaning cycle to ensure the shower is clean for the next user and no water is stored between uses. Maintenance is easy by lifting the shower floor to access the filter location. The shower base could either be set on top of your floor base or sunk into your floor 7.4″ to achieve a flush look.

EcoVéa should be available at retail soon and is anticipated to run around $3,000.

[+] More information about Reveeco EcoVéa shower.

Credits: Reveeco, Inc.