The word reclaimed is often used these days.  Just in the past week or so, we’ve seen a reclaimed bathroom, reclaimed pallet floors, and reclaimed housing.  So here’s one more: reclaimed furniture in the form of the new Joshua Collection by Amenity.  Named for the famous Joshua Tree, this furniture is handmade from Douglas Fir that was harvested and milled 50-100 years ago and seasoned in the sun of California for decades.

Amenity says the use of reclaimed wood in this case leads to less forest clear cutting, less landfill usage, and reduced air pollution.  In addition, the Joshua Collection is finished with low-VOC finishers and non-toxic stains.

The platform bed sells from $1600 – $2100, depending on the size, while the wood dresser sells for $1850.  However, the new collection is priced 10% less when purchased with “joshua” at checkout through November 15th (subject to availability).

[+] Check out the Joshua Collection at Amenity.

Credits: Amenity.