New FSC Floor Made with Old Pallets

A couple days after writing about Arctic Plank floors made with reclaimed shipping pallets, Oregon-based Viridian Wood Products announced two new flooring products made from shipping pallets and crates.  The two lines are FSC-certified, 100% reclaimed, and available with or without a low-VOC polyurethane finish.

One line, Jakarta Market Blend, comes from the tropical lowlands of Asia with four finishes — Dark Sort, Light Sort, Tropical Mix, and Rustic.  The other, Fishtail Oak, has iridescent copper flecks with the slight look of a fishtail.

Viridian Wood Products may contribute towards LEED credits in a number of categories, including for materials reuse, recycled content, regional materials, and certified wood.

[+] More info about Viridian Wood Products.

Credits: Viridian Wood.

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  • Justin

    I thought shipping pallets were full of chemicals?  You never know where they came from.  Many are sprayed with pesticides so insects aren’t transported from one country to another, etc…  

    • Pierce

      Pierce Henley – Owner of Viridian Wood Products

      We have thoroughly tested our wood for ANY chemical treatments and we have never found any.  In order to get wood pallets into the country from abroad, they must be treated to kill invasive species of bugs.  This is accomplished with heat treating the wood to 130 degrees according to USDA standards to get the ISPM 15 stamp of approval.  NO wood can enter into the USA without this stamp.  Chemical treatments for pallets and dunnage have been banned internationally for many years now. 

      • Justin Larson

        Interesting.  ..and good to know! Thanks!

      • Justin

        good to know, thanks

  • Gary

    What is the cost of this material in quantities of 5,000+sf?

    • Pierce- Owner at Viridian

      Give us a call at 877-909-9663 and we can quote you out for larger quantities.  We give great discounts for contractors and designers that use our products.

  • gadad

    how many pallets would it take to do a space 42ft by 30ft

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