New Jersey-based Englert, a company that specializes in metal roofing and gutter systems, recently earned a citation from Architect Magazine for their incredible Solar Sandwich roof system.  On the surface, it looks like any other standing-seam metal roof with columns of thin-film photovoltaic solar.  Yet below that, to capture the warmth generated from hot metal roofing, there’s a grid of pex-filled purlins with a water and glycol solution for a solar thermal system.

The system connects with conventional heat transfer and distribution systems for residential and commercial hot water systems, radiant floor heating systems, and swimming pool heaters, according to Englert.

Dawn Solar Systems makes the solar thermal component, while the thin-film PV aspect is similar to what’s provided in the EnergyPeak system with Uni-Solar PV laminates.  In this case, it’s the SunNet BIPV system, which uses an Englert metal roof.

[+] Learn more about the Solar Sandwich from Englert.

Credits: Englert.