If prefab connotes the idea that a home is standardized, perhaps this home sheds some of that.  It wasn’t fabricated to benefit from scale so much as to conserve resources by building it in the vicinity of people and services.  Ruby Springs Prefab was built in Bozeman — roughly 300 feet from both the interior designer Shack Up Studio and architect/builder Medicine Hat Inc. — and installed in a remote location in Ruby Springs, Montana.

Medicine Hat explains that the Ruby Springs Prefab provides “a continuous, adjustable, spatial experience that responds to the changing light and weather conditions minute by minute, day by day, season by season.

It has operable, hydraulic screens made with Caterpillar excavator cylinders and tractor parts.  The screens open and close at the whim of the owner, perhaps to catch a view of the mountains or create shade from the sun.   Similarly, sliding barn screens “serve as filters to the landscape and moderate the apparent porosity of the home from the inside and out.

Exterior screens, interior trim, doors, and trim were all made with reclaimed Douglas fir.  Also, the 1,888 square foot contemporary modular home has ground-source geothermal, solar PV, low-E Loewen windows and doors, cork flooring, and low-VOC paints and textiles.

[+] Watch a video about the Ruby Springs Prefab.

Credits: Will Brewster Photography.