Florida-based Lighting Science Group (LSG) recently announced a new LED product called Glimpse.  The Title 24-compliant downlight is compatible with most 5″ and 6″ recessed cans and can be surface mounted to a J-box as a luminaire.  Glimpse is Energy Star qualified in all model types, according to a press release, and provides up to 20% more light than other products on the market with the 750 lumen package.

The light is available in 2700, 3000, and 4000 Kelvin — depending on the color desired — and dimmable to 5%.  Glimpse uses 15 watts and is expected to last about 50,000 hours, though there’s just a five year limited warranty.

Glimpse is currently sold at Home Depot for about $37, according to Candace Lombardi of CNET.  In addition to this product, LSG is working on a $15 replacement for the 60w incandescent and an Android-powered smart LED.

[+] More technical detail about Glimpse from LSG.

Credit: Lighting Science Group.