Solar Decathlon: Let The Games Begin!

Solar Decathlon 2011 all teams photo

Today, the Solar Decathlon officially opens to the public and the games begin.  The competition is organized by the Department of Energy, and 19 teams have invested more than two years of effort to design, build, and operate solar-powered homes that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.  The winner will be the one with the highest score after the following ten contests:

  • Architecture contest (juried)
  • Market Appeal contest (juried)
  • Engineering contest (juried)
  • Communications contest (juried)
  • Affordability contest (juried)
  • Comfort Zone contest (measured)
  • Hot Water contest (measured)
  • Appliances contest (measured)
  • Home Entertainment contest (measured and juried)
  • Energy Balance contest (measured)

Make sure to pay attention to the affordability contest, which is new this year.  Each team submitted a list of materials used in their home and that will be priced out.  Homes valued below $250,000 will get full points.  Teams will lose points as the home becomes more expensive.

Also, the homes this year are a lot bigger than in previous years.  Visitors should really get an idea what it’s like living in a solar-powered green home.

[+] Learn more about the Solar Decathlon event.

Credit: Stefano Paltera/U.S. DOE. 

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  • Monster

    the girl in this article does not represent the solar decathlon well.

    • Justmilknosugar

      I totally agree with you, very poor. She doesn’t represent her College very well either. Imagine her peers and lecturers reading the article, I’d be embarrassed to associate myself with her.
      Let’s wait for comment from the other competitors to rate them.

    • Preston

      It seems a little out of context and I’m not sure why the reporter would
      call her cagey when it seems like she was more aloof or non-responsive
      or lacking in information.  The teams I’m sure are worn out and tired. 
      Probably just got caught at the wrong moment, but I don’t know why a
      reporter would feel a need to make that the story. 

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