This week DuChateau Floors announced that the company is bringing European-style floors to the U.S. market with an eco-friendly hard wax oil and FSC-certified woods. DuChateau has eight distinct collections with long-length, wide-plank, or parquet patterns that have been hand scrapped, smoked, wire-brushed, and treated for a vintage, old-world look. They’re made for interior commercial, retail, and residential applications, whether on the floor, ceiling, or wall.

For example, Riverstone, the latest collection, is a hand-sculpted hardwood with natural distressing and raised knots. The middle photo below shows a close-up of Seine in this collection.

All DuChateau Floors are made with formaldehyde-free adhesives and coated with a zero-VOC, preservative-free, natural finish that includes sunflower, soybean, and thistle oil and carnauba and canella waxes.

DuChateau says their hard-wax oil floors are easier to repair and maintain than say, for example, a floor finished with polyurethane. The wax floors can be spot repaired with light sanding along the grain of the damaged area and a buff of maintenance oil.

The company provides custom constructions, cuts, stains, and finishes, so I would expect pricing to reflect that. I’m waiting to hear from a company representative about pricing and availability and will update this article when I get more information.

[+] Visit the website of DuChateau Floors.

Credits: DuChateau Floors.