Live-Work Cargo Containers on an Island

Speaking of the pros and cons of cargo container construction, web-based design magazine designboom has been working on a DIY-style, live-work container structure on Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy.  The “container summer residence” is made with three containers — two live-work units and one bathroom unit with a toilet and shower.  Designboom set these directly on the pavement, removed the rust, contracted out the plumbing and electrical, and insulated each ISBU with SuperTherm ceramic paint.

[+] More about the container summer residence by designboom.

Credits: designboom.

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  • Julian

    Having just returned from the South of France, and now sitting in mid-winter conditions in the UK, this project idea certainly seems to be appealing.

    In fact having clicked on the links above, it seems like a great DIY project, and I’m struggling to see any downsides!

  • Gibsonarchitect

    The main downside is that this project has no insulation.  Ceramic paint may work on the space shuttle, but it has no value on earth.  It reflects heat, yes, but any light-colored coating will do the same thing.

  • Candcinfotech786

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  • Biyc89

    Are there any pictures of the interior of the second (sleeping?) container posted anywhere?

    • Tracy

      Hey, you wrote me back in 2008! Are you out at see yet? I moved back to Seattle…

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