This is martial arts instructor and ex-photographer Steve Rapport’s LV home, a modern prefab designed by Rocio Romero, in Pacifica, California.  Steve has been documenting the construction and working budget on his site, The Minnie House — a reference to his late mom, Mina, sometimes called Minnie — and the finished home is looking fantastic.  Check out some interior and exterior photos below:

Prefab is popular in California, and Rocio Romero has a few homes in the state.  Her designs are clean, and her prices are reasonable.  For example, an LV kit starts at about $36,870.

Rapport told me in an email, “The house is absolutely amazing. The neighbors all love it and everyone stops by to say how cool it is. It’s very comfortable, spectacular, well thought out, spacious, roomy, light and airy. It fits the lot perfectly.

This one has modern touches in the form of Hansgrohe fixtures, a Smeg oven, IKEA fridge/freezer, IKEA cooktop, Norm 69 pendant light, Phrena pendant light, Duravit bath, etc (more detail on The Minnie House site).

If you’re in the area, Steve’s LV Home is slated for tours on September 10, 2011, but 3 of the 4 tour slots are already sold out.  The site architect was Ben Hidalgo and the contractor was SEA Construction.

[+] View the working budget for The Minnie House.

Credits: Steve Rapport Photography.