K-tect Panels for Energy-Efficient Homes

K-tect Sustainable Building Systems makes a wall system that the company calls the “newest generation of structural insulated panels.”  Although not a sandwich panel, the system is kind of like rSTUD but different and more comprehensive.  K-tect includes a light-gauge, metal-stud frame with insulation in a thermally broken assembly (see below) that improves thermal efficiency and controls noise.

The core is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation that’s been GREENGUARD certified in two categories and has no off-gassing chemicals, according to K-tect.  K-tect also says the EPS provides R4-R5 per inch.

K-tect panels “resist natural disasters, mold, mildew, moisture, insects, fire, rust and warping,” according to a recent statement announcing the use of this system by Project Frog to deliver zero-net-energy buildings.

Both the frame and core are recyclable and the system may contribute towards several points in the LEED green building certification system.  K-tect, which is made in Las Vegas, Nevada and Brownsville, Texas, is suitable for interior walls, exterior walls, roofs, and floors in the residential context.

[+] More about K-tect Sustainable Building System.

Credits: K-tect Sustainable Building Systems.

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  • Anonymous

    I’am not sure about the non thermal bridges ?! and no adapted for passive house :-) but it’s a good idea :-) perhaps with others materials ?! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_23CYVUNTNBMLJQGX3Z47WZRK4Y Adrian

    Im a begginer at this ,going to study something like this in the university. Could some one explain non thermal bridges and passive houses?

    • Snipes979


      Type “thermal bridge” and “Passivhaus” into google……you should know how to do that.

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