Net-Zero i-House Open for Tours in Georgia

There’s some great homes across the country being finished with the first i-House design.  This one, for instance, was built on a lot in Green Bridge Farm, an eco-friendly development of 25 lots in Effingham County, Georgia.  Owner Charles Davis won’t have an electric bill with this net-zero energy home.  His butterfly roof has solar PV that generates electricity and powers a brand new Chevrolet Volt (pictured below).

Lots in Green Bridge Farm run between $50,000 – $55,000 and include about 1.2-1.6 acres each. In the center of the project is an organic farm. In fact, Green Bridge has a four-acre space with vegetable gardens and fruit orchards set aside for the community.

The farm is located near Savannah, Georgia.  The i-House will be open for tours August 12-13, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, with a Chevy Volt on site as well.  Clayton Homes has more information about the tour on their i-House website.

Last we checked, Clayton Homes is still working on i-House 2.0.  The company’s putting a lot of work into the details of this new design, and we’ll be excited to share more about it when we find out.

[+] More photos this i-House in Savannah, Georgia.

Credits: Clayton Homes. 

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  • MSM

    Wow, very impressive. 

  • Scott Goldberg

    ugh, too far for a visit… Looks awesome

  • Tank

    Looks great I would love to see more of it and about it!

  • Terry Beever


  • Jesse

    I hope to see something like this in Quebec.

  • Steve Bez

    How cool about being able to charge the Volt too. I’ve seen a few up here in Detroit. Really neat.

  • Svetlana Smirnova

    original and very interesting!

  • Martin Dubose

    I would tried to go myself if this would have came out earlier.


  • Annpg

    Wondering how the butterfly roof holds up to hurricanes and how it would be viewed by companies in seeting hurricane insurance rates.

  • Christopher Selvig

    Unfortunately development of this type with lots being 1.2-1.6 acres each has a high per capita impact on wildlife.

    • mmaddox7

      Christopher, we have all manner of wild animals on the farm. We butt up next to a huge wild tract comprising thousands of acres. Also I am only allowing 10% tree removal for each house.

  • Michael Self

    Love it.  I hope to build a shipping container house within 2 to 3 years.  This pic is going into my idea folder.  Great job.

  • Deb Tudor


  • Janey Ward

    So excited to see this roll out!!

  • Janey Ward

    So excited to see this roll out!!

    • mmaddox7

      Janey, you should come down to Green Bridge Farm and see it yourself!

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  • christopher davies

    This doesn’t relate to your houses, which are an excellent idea and very attractive, but there is something deeply nauseating about these ” intentional community Eco developments” which, as pictured, take pristine nature or farmland and turn it into a groovy form of suburban sprawl. Our cities are vast swaths if inefficient sprawl which could be shrunk in half, with European style density, and accommodate twice the population. No need for an expensive Eco car, isolation, and loss of the few remaining acres of America untrammeled by the built world.

  • mmaddox7

    Charles put in 4 more solar panels over the weekend and tilted them up for better solar reception.

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