How Much Solar Do You Need [Graphic]

One Block Off the Grid took a stab at answering the question: “How big a backyard do you need to live off of the land?”  It turns out, plants like corn, wheat, fruits, grains, and vegetables take a lot of space.  Also, to offset the electricity required to power the average home in the U.S., which consumes about 11,040 kWh per year, one needs about 375 square feet of solar PV, or 25 average efficiency solar panels getting seven hours of sun.  Check out the full infographic:

[+] View the entire infographic at 1BOG.

Credit: 1BOG. 

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  • Bosmith

    Good article and to note there are programs designed to finance SOLAR Photovaltics under the FHA 203k and Energy Efficient Mortgage Programs insured by FHA.

    • Anthony Thomas

       I know I was looking at that on the HUD and Energy Star Web Sites. Though the loans amounts vary, I think its about $25,000 overall for retrofits and energy upgrades. 25K will get you a fairly decent PV system, especially if you install it yourself. You can learn how at a local community college or trade school, that’s what I’m doing.

      • Preston

        Though you’re getting experience with this kind of thing, which is great, I think most industry observers would say a grid-tied PV install is not a DIY project.  Plus, permits will be required. 

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