EnergyHub Unveils Home Base System

EnergyHub just announced the launch of an energy management system for consumers interested in monitoring, controlling, and reducing energy use.  The system includes an in-home display, wireless thermostat, sockets, and strips, as well as iOS and Android apps for on-the-go control.  Some purchasers will also be able to integrate the system with data from their smart meter if they have a compatible meter.

The Home Base is a custom command center with one-touch modes like “at home,” “goodnight,” and “away.”  Homeowners can adjust a connected thermostat, socket, and strip right from the Home Base.  Sockets and strips plug in to the wall for appliance-level control of home energy use.

Previously, the EnergyHub system was available only to select consumers through utility programs, though it’s now available direct to consumer.  The Home Base and thermostat bundle starts at $299.99; the Home Base with a socket and strip starts at $324.99; and the Home Base with a thermostat, socket, and strip starts at $399.99.

[+] Read more about the EnergyHub system offered to consumers.

Credit: EnergyHub. 

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  • Alert Electrical

    Nice design and the product sounds useful – I figure it would take a while to recoup the cost of the unit, though?

  • Richardmills422

    Great product very usefull.
    The only prob I see is the lack of a large load meter (HVAC, DHW)
    People plz stop asking for ROI # every time you see a green product. These are useful tools the same as an Ipod, laptop or your car. Did you run the # on those before your purchase?
    To get where we need to go, zero fossil fuels for home and transport. We need to use all the tools at our disposal.

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